We Make Stunning Wedding Albums

Okay, the title should read that Gena makes stunning wedding albums. Of course I help, but really she is the ‘duchess of design’ as I lovingly call her. We design all of our albums in house – we literally design them at home in our house 🙂 I guess that gives “in house” double meaning – but the real point here is that we don’t outsource our wedding albums. And we enjoy the entire album design process of meeting with our couples to select leathers, fabrics, and photos; to posting the album online for proofing and sharing. These are not your typical drop in wedding albums of old – these are heavy duty flush mount, custom designed, beautiful books. We lovingly put together every unique spread with the idea that you will cherish this book for the rest of your life. And Lord forbid the house is ever on fire – we think you will grab your wedding album (well, probably children first but then definitely your wedding album). We will spare you all of the details about how are albums are printed with the best inks on earth and each page lovingly hand-trimmed, and just show you one that recently went out of our house to be forever cherished in its rightful home.

Jesse and Gena Photographers teamWelcome

We are a studio collective of four very close friends who have a devotion to art & photography. We teamed up to be the only super group of highly trained, experienced & passionate storytellers in the Midwest.

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