Ben & Tracey | Mt Vernon, Indiana | Wedding

Every wedding has a story, a headline that stays with you after all the pomp and circumstance. When the weather doesn’t completely cooperate and a couple lets it ruin their day; well, sometimes that headline is “Rain Ruins Wedding … Hope the Actual Marriage is Waterproof!” Tracey and Ben had a little rain on their wedding day and we didn’t even notice.  The real headline at this wedding was “True Love, Loves Truly.” We were so moved by the way Ben and Tracey genuinely adored each other, that it could have been raining frogs and no one would have noticed. The couple was married at St Philip Church in Mt Vernon with the reception following at The Discovery Lodge in Evansville, Indiana. Two Tone Express kept the party going with great tunes; a fun highlight was Ben’s dad leading the vocals on some great songs. We would wish Ben and Tracey good luck but we know they don’t need it – we remember the headline.

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