Brian & Brandi | New Harmony, Indiana | Wedding

Every year we name a few all-star couples. I promise you two things 1) it’s just as cheesy as it sounds and 2) it’s a completely over the top fictitious concept which lives only in Jesse and Gena’s little heads and hearts. No actual awards are given, but we can only assume there is a ton of pride associated with the honor. So let’s talk about all-star newlyweds Brian and Brandi, who were married in New Harmony at the roofless church on one of the hottest days of all time (thanks Al Gore!). Fortunately triple digit temps can’t stop love. Besides, it’s a verified fact that it’s the couple who really make a wedding special, and Brandi & Brian were so laid back, had so much chemistry, that the entire day was pretty much flawless. Thanks to ceremony maestro and worlds greatest dad/pastor Jerry Daniels the ceremony was simple, quick and perfect. Immediately following the vows, we all headed to the historic Granary for the reception where Spectrum Sound and DJ Terry Tunks handled the tunes, Hornville catering, and Piece of Cake taking care of the sugary good stuff.  Brandi and Brian’s wedding photography has been nationally featured on Clover and Bee and now it is finally our turn : )

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