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Remember that stuff called film?

Call it  hipster street cred or just call it nostalgic, but for us their is still something warm and romantic about shooting film. It’s just sexy. We were artists before we became professional photographers and many of the things we loved from our youth have stayed with us. We have been shooting 90% of our personal...

The Beautiful Island of Barbados

Here are some personal photo’s from our time in Barbados. We were trying out the new little mirrorless Canon EOS M camera with kit lens. It’s a fun toy to have and frees us from carrying around one of our DSLRs, especially nice when you are at a beach. We were in Christ Church Parrish...

Jesse & Gena take on Portland Oregon!

It is kind of a goal of ours to make the blog more personal this year. It’s not that we have been holding back in the past, it’s just that the business has been our life since we got married almost 4 years ago. It is still our life, but this year we were actually...

Jesse and Gena Photographers teamWelcome

We are a studio collective of four very close friends who have a devotion to art & photography. We teamed up to be the only super group of highly trained, experienced & passionate storytellers in the Midwest.

Jesse & Gena Photographers

Evansville: 220 NW 4th St, 47708

Louisville: 1419 Story Ave, 40206