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Remember that stuff called film?

Call it  hipster street cred or just call it nostalgic, but for us their is still something warm and romantic about shooting film. It’s just sexy. We were artists before we became professional photographers and many of the things we loved from our youth have stayed with us. We have been shooting 90% of our personal...

Sweet Traveling Treats of Wandering Wedding Photographers

Let’s take a blog break from all things wedding to talk about a very serious issue. This is an issue which is very near and dear to our hearts. That’s right people … cupcakes and popcorn. Ah, yes – we can smell it now – sugary sweet cream icing, rich red velvet goodness, and buttery...

Things We Love| Rustic New Harmony Indiana Bridal Photography

Gena and I had this idea to start a new series of blog entries devoted to things we love. We decided to call the series… “Things We Love”. The title is surprisingly direct and to the point – perfect! Now we really have no rules or guidelines for these blog entries – just things we...

We Make Stunning Wedding Albums

Okay, the title should read that Gena makes stunning wedding albums. Of course I help, but really she is the ‘duchess of design’ as I lovingly call her. We design all of our albums in house – we literally design them at home in our house 🙂 I guess that gives “in house” double meaning...

Jesse and Gena Photographers teamWelcome

We are a studio collective of four very close friends who have a devotion to art & photography. We teamed up to be the only super group of highly trained, experienced & passionate storytellers in the Midwest.

Jesse & Gena Photographers

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