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When choosing to get married we joyfully enter into a life of growing, sharing and exploring together.  A closeness develops that is only slightly familiar to those of us with brothers and sisters. There is something completely special about the love of siblings, they push our buttons all the while pushing us to be better people, and over the years those bonds shared mature into a thousand various incarnations of love. Besides looking like a royal couple from some exotic European far-away land we all hope to one day visit, Susan and Drew also have wonderful siblings. In fact, Susan is a triplet and you may recognize her sister Patty because we photographed her wedding a couple years ago (always a huge compliment to photograph sisters).  This event was everything you would hope for in an Indianapolis wedding. The ceremony was held at Second Presbyterian Church on North Meridian and then it was off to Monument Circle in that beautiful vintage black Cadillac. After a few quick photos, the party went well into the night at The Skyline Club on the 36th floor of the OneAmerica Tower.

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