Cory & Mandi | Evansville, Indiana | Love Session

Okay, so photogs have a lot of “hip” lingo that most likely only other photogs consider hip. And let’s be honest, anytime someone says that something is hip, chances are they haven’t been cool since, like… a really long time ago! The point is, sometimes we do wedding shoots weeks before or even weeks after the actual ceremony, and we call them Love Sessions (because we are hip)!  Being huge football fans, we have been anxiously saving Cory & Mandi’s Love Session for play-off time! Of course, that didn’t stop Occasions Magazine from picking up on the couples photos last September, but who is going to complain about a national publication stealing a little bit of your thunder – CERTAINLY NOT US! And we don’t always do this, but we just had to publish the amazingly kind words Mandi wrote on the Occasions Magazine Blog:

I have known Jesse and Gena Daniels for years. I had “liked” the link to their facebook website many years ago. I always enjoyed looking at their pictures, and have always thought they did amazing work. So when I became engaged, I started looking more at their wedding photos. Every time I looked at them, I was saying, I “love” this one!…I want something like that! So, it was obvious that when it came to a wedding photographer, I just had to have them. I love how creative and unique their photos are. I loved how after looking at their photos, I felt like I knew the people and felt like I could have been friends with them. Did they just have really attractive clients that lead really happy, wonderful lives? I’d like to think so, but I think it’s also a testimony to how great of photographers they truly are. They capture people in a unique way, showing their personalities, their passions, and most importantly their love for one another. Not every photographer captures this. Not every photographer goes that extra step to make their clients feel comfortable. I must say, that Jesse and Gena really have a great talent, and Cory and I are honored to have them take our photos that we will cherish forever.

We love you too Mandi! And without further ado, because it is play-off time after all, check out this awesome gridiron themed Love Session. Also, feel free to check out the full feature which explains the couples’ deeply rooted passion for football at Occasions Magazine.


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