Don’t Forget Your Ring Security | French Lick Indiana Wedding

Brides to be – take note! One thing you probably have not covered for your wedding is ring security! Now, this is an important job not to be taken lightly. We recently worked with special agent Noah who happens to be a professional in the field of ring security. Lauren & Darren hired their little man to protect the wedding bands (I am told he worked for cake and soda, so that’s a pretty good deal)! This beautiful winter, New Year’s wedding took place at the historic French Lick Resort in French Lick Indiana just outside of Louisville, Kentucky. The fantastic entertainment was provided by Lenny Klinger’s Galaxy Band out of St. Louis. Lots of pretty to look at here!Wedding-Photography_0553 Wedding-Photography_0554 Wedding-Photography_0555 Wedding-Photography_0556Wedding-Photography_0562 Wedding-Photography_0557Wedding-Photography_0563Wedding-Photography_0564 Wedding-Photography_0558 Wedding-Photography_0559 Wedding-Photography_0560 Wedding-Photography_0561   Wedding-Photography_0565 Wedding-Photography_0566 Wedding-Photography_0567 Wedding-Photography_0568 Wedding-Photography_0569 Wedding-Photography_0570 Wedding-Photography_0571 Wedding-Photography_0572 Wedding-Photography_0573 Wedding-Photography_0574 Wedding-Photography_0575 Wedding-Photography_0604Wedding-Photography_0605 Wedding-Photography_0577 Wedding-Photography_0578 Wedding-Photography_0579 Wedding-Photography_0580 Wedding-Photography_0581  Wedding-Photography_0583 Wedding-Photography_0584 Wedding-Photography_0585 Wedding-Photography_0586 Wedding-Photography_0587 Wedding-Photography_0588 Wedding-Photography_0589 Wedding-Photography_0590 Wedding-Photography_0591 Wedding-Photography_0592 Wedding-Photography_0593 Wedding-Photography_0594 Wedding-Photography_0595 Wedding-Photography_0596 Wedding-Photography_0597 Wedding-Photography_0598 Wedding-Photography_0599 Wedding-Photography_0600 Wedding-Photography_0601 Wedding-Photography_0602 Wedding-Photography_0603

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