Henderson Kentucky Sunrise Engagement Photography

Here is a fun little early morning engagement photography we shot in Henderson, Kentucky. Clay and Ally made it easy because they had so much fun with each other. We started in downtown and then went to the John James Audubon State Park for some pretty green trees and whatnot.


Jessse_Gena_Wedding_Photography_0428 Jessse_Gena_Wedding_Photography_0429 Jessse_Gena_Wedding_Photography_0430 Jessse_Gena_Wedding_Photography_0431 Jessse_Gena_Wedding_Photography_0432 Jessse_Gena_Wedding_Photography_0433  Jessse_Gena_Wedding_Photography_0436Jessse_Gena_Wedding_Photography_0450  Jessse_Gena_Wedding_Photography_0438Jessse_Gena_Wedding_Photography_0443  Jessse_Gena_Wedding_Photography_0440 Jessse_Gena_Wedding_Photography_0441 Jessse_Gena_Wedding_Photography_0442    Jessse_Gena_Wedding_Photography_0451 Jessse_Gena_Wedding_Photography_0447  Jessse_Gena_Wedding_Photography_0453

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