We make no secret about it, we set out to create a super-group of the finest wedding photographers in the Midwest. We loathe the practice of random "second shooters" just showing up the day of your wedding.

We knew we could offer better.


Our collective was started by Jesse & Gena Daniels in 2008, the husband and wife team soon convinced Barb to join the team and then a couple years later Jordyn came on board. Together we have pursued the highest level of continuing education, camera technology, and dad jokes.

With 700 weddings under our belt you can't go wrong.


My name is Jesse. I'm an aficionado of laughter, comedians, football, technology and charcoaled proteins. If you are a genuine person with a sense of humor, I will be your biggest fan. I am unapologetically a hugger. I have the innate ability to photograph the beautiful things happening between moments. I like road trips and can grill anything.Big Guy. Great Hugger.
Loves to laugh.
Meet Jesse (by Gena)
My name is Jordyn. I am active in the local art community and you may have seen me out and about. I wrote the book on how to hustle hard. I like open minds, concerts, laughing kiddos, and great parties. My unofficial nickname is the hungry hippy, because I will gladly eat a full plate at any wedding.
Let's be friends!
Free Spirit. Art Advocate.
Loves Live Music.
Meet Jordyn (by Barb)
Jesse Gena Photographers Staff
My name is Gena. I love volleyball, puppies and every shade of purple. I’m a softie for a good love story. I'm an accomplished studio artist with a knack for color and composition. I also happen to be a perfectionist, so fixing your fly-aways and finding that perfect angle in my photos is a must. I'm a semi-pro baker and
red wine enthusiast.
Tall Girlie. Great Shoes.
Loves To Vacuum.
Meet Gena (by Jesse)
My name is Barbara. I once lived on Babbling Brook BLVD, isn't that funny? I love to laugh and have adult conversations (you don't get many with 3 kids), I'm honest and genuinely funny. Yes those are laugh lines. I research everything. I'm particularly great photographing the details and expressions of a wedding. I like coffee and sunshine.Fantastic Mom. Best Laugh.
Future Podcaster.
Meet Barb (by Jordyn)
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