Kyle & Kim | St. Meinrad, Indiana | Wedding

Life has lots of little unforeseen surprises. A great vacation, an unexpected tax return, a delicious home cooked meal, finding your favorite pair of shoes on a clearance rack; I mean, it’s the fun nuggets like that which propel you through all the humdrum stuff. One of our favorite sneaky surprises has to be new friendships. Kyle and Kim were our clients first but quickly became our friends. That is the essence of an unexpected life fun-nugget (in case you didn’t know)! Kyle and Kim had a beautiful December wedding at St. Meinard Catholic Church. The bridal party made a quick beverage stop at the famous Fleigs Cafe before ending up at the Ferdinand Community Center for an awesome reception. People have asked us how to decorate for a winter wedding; well this is how you do it, so many beautiful details. And the kicker is that Kim and her family did most of the details DIY style – isn’t she crafty?!  It is also worth noting that all of the wedding attire was provided by the great people at Ella Park Bridal. We wish Kyle and Kim all the happiness and fun nuggets life has to offer!

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