Mark & Tara | Evansville, Indiana | Wedding

All photographers should have a healthy relationship with their FedEx delivery professional. Gena and I took that a step further and actually photographed our favorite delivery man’s wedding! In all honesty, there is no better compliment than to have a former bridesmaid hire us to photograph their own wedding years later. That is the real scoop on what happened when Tara called us and said that Mark had proposed; Mark just happened to be our FedEx man. But either way – it’s a very healthy relationship. And let us tell you … some people are just fun! Mark and Tara are sooooo much fun, they love music, food and having a good time – a perfect fit for us! Their beautiful ceremony took place at St. Wendel Catholic Church and the reception was just a stretch limo’s ride away at the Posey County Indiana 4H Community Center. Everyone had amazing cake from Piece of Cake and the always great DJ Rick Dobbs with Khaotic Productions had the most amazing audio visual set-up which kept the party going well into the night!


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