Sweet Traveling Treats of Wandering Wedding Photographers

Let’s take a blog break from all things wedding to talk about a very serious issue. This is an issue which is very near and dear to our hearts. That’s right people … cupcakes and popcorn. Ah, yes – we can smell it now – sugary sweet cream icing, rich red velvet goodness, and buttery corn so hot it can’t help but POP! Of course we have never mixed the two (at least not yet) but we thought it would be fun to share a couple wonderful finds from our travels. The first being an Austin, Texas jewel in Hey Cupcake! It’s a thing of absolute beauty, a vintage airstream trailer with a giant revolving cupcake on top, and it will change your world folks!  The second happy accident was walking right smack into KuKuRuZa’s Gourmet Popcorn located in downtown Seattle, Washington (25 flavors of artisan popcorn). Gena and I have a love affair with popcorn because in college it was the only snack we could afford! We don’t have a ton of photos from KuKuRuZa because our hands were in a bit of a slippery state to be handling the camera, but you get the idea. Hope you didn’t read this before lunch. Our blog will return to it’s state of wedding bliss after this delicious post : )


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