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Two Rivers Mansion Wedding | Nashville Tennessee

It’s not that we are biased for dog people, it’s just… yeah, we are biased. So when a dog is included in the wedding festivities we get pretty excited. Emily and Jerry are super healthy, lovable, new friends of ours (thanks photography!). We also love us some Nashville and that is where they practice medicine! Two Rivers Mansion is a beautiful venue in the heart of Nashville and you should check it out, just to see it. The party was legit at this wedding, they even had their own party tradition of slapping the bag of wine before you chug. It is like a keg stand only much more mature… we sincerely hope this is a new trend!

Tara & Joey // Louisville Wedding at the Gillespie

One Couples Glamorous Louisville Wedding. Preparations took place at the historic Seelbach Hotel, the ceremony at St. Agnes, and the party went all night at The Gillespie with the band Cherry On Top out of Cincinnati playing a fantastic set.

“In January We’re Gettin’ Married” | Downtown Evansville Wedding

Justin and Meagan ooze love, respect, and admiration for each other and it shows. We always tell people if you want beautiful wedding photos it won’t necessarily come from a Pinterest board, but it will come from you forgetting about the cameras and just genuinely having fun, letting go, and loving on the person you are marrying. Thats the magic formula… that and hiring great professional photographers (that helps too;)

Classic Indianapolis Wedding | Indianapolis Indiana Photographer

When choosing to get married we joyfully enter into a life of growing, sharing and exploring together.  A closeness develops that is only slightly familiar to those of us with brothers and sisters. There is something completely special about the love of siblings, they push our buttons all the while pushing us to be better...

Jesse and Gena Photographers teamWelcome

We are a studio collective of four very close friends who have a devotion to art & photography. We teamed up to be the only super group of highly trained, experienced & passionate storytellers in the Midwest.

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