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Mark & Tara | Evansville, Indiana | Wedding

All photographers should have a healthy relationship with their FedEx delivery professional. Gena and I took that a step further and actually photographed our favorite delivery man’s wedding! In all honesty, there is no better compliment than to have a former bridesmaid hire us to photograph their own wedding years later. That is the real...

Zach & Brittany | Evansville, Indiana | Wedding

Zach and Brittany are just one of those couples – you meet them once and you want to hang out with them all the time. The entire experience of getting to know them and their families was our pleasure. Some of you may remember their adorable Tasty Freeze ice cream engagement session where they shared...

Brian & Brandi | New Harmony, Indiana | Wedding

Every year we name a few all-star couples. I promise you two things 1) it’s just as cheesy as it sounds and 2) it’s a completely over the top fictitious concept which lives only in Jesse and Gena’s little heads and hearts. No actual awards are given, but we can only assume there is a...

Jesse and Gena Photographers teamWelcome

We are a studio collective of four very close friends who have a devotion to art & photography. We teamed up to be the only super group of highly trained, experienced & passionate storytellers in the Midwest.

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