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Bauerhaus Outdoor Wedding | Evansville Indiana

It says a lot about a wedding professional if they can handle rain as well as The Bauerhaus. It also says a lot about a couple if they can embrace it and make the best of it. It poured for an hour straight before Cody and Emily’s outdoor wedding but they kept their cool and waited to make the call for indoor vs outdoor. And then, like a small wedding day miracle it just stopped raining! Cody and Emily have hands down the most beautiful little girl who is all over this wedding… when she came up and held moms hand during the ceremony, HOW CUTE! Beautiful wedding here all around. Brides amazing dress from House of White in Newburgh, Indiana.

Lukas & Kara | Evansville, Indiana | Wedding

You know the perfect couple that stands on top of wedding cakes? Lukas & Kara were the actual models for that cake topper – true story! Okay, not true at all, but they certainly could have been! When writing about this wedding we just had to point out how beautiful Lukas and Kara are, but...

David & Megan | Evansville, Indiana | Wedding

Once upon a time Gena worked at a local newspaper. Gena met a girl named Megan and a boy named Dave who also worked at the paper. They all became good friends. One day it seemed as though Dave and Megan might be GREAT friends, Gena told Jesse and we all started hanging out. Wouldn’t...

Ben & Tracey | Mt Vernon, Indiana | Wedding

Every wedding has a story, a headline that stays with you after all the pomp and circumstance. When the weather doesn’t completely cooperate and a couple lets it ruin their day; well, sometimes that headline is “Rain Ruins Wedding … Hope the Actual Marriage is Waterproof!” Tracey and Ben had a little rain on their...

Andy & Elyse | New Harmony, IN | Engagement

Okay, so you have seen photos from New Harmony – maybe even seen some good engagement photos. But have you ever seen a New Harmony engagement session in the rain, during an antique car show – BAM! I didn’t think so 😉 Sorry, but we get really excited when a photo shoot encounters a roadblock...

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